Cottage Cheese Vampire

Imagine a world .. where vampires didn’t lust for your blood .. but for the deliciousness that is cottage cheese.

Bump into a Cottage Cheese Vampire in a dark alley at 3am and it doesn’t seem scary at all … UNTIL YOU REALIZE ALL THE MINUTE MARKETS ARE CLOSED.

Cottage Cheese Vampires …

Coming soon … to a theater near you.

(This is the dumbest post EVER).

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San Andreas Official Movie Trailer

If you hate California you’ll LOVE THIS!! If you love death and destruction, you’ll LOVE THIS!! …. and fuck you.

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Quack Attack, Bitch Fucks

I make it NO secret I’m from Oregon. So I just wanted to write a little post game wrap on the biggest college football game of the year.


Okay, I feel better. “Once a Duck, you’re a duck for life.” – I never went to college but I feel like if you enjoy college football and are from Oregon this will always imply.

PS) I googled “Oregon vs Ohio St” and this was the first picture that came up …

… so next time someone asks you, “Do you like College Football?” … you can answer accordingly.

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Ant-Man Official Movie Trailer

Has an Ant ever given you a boner? Well prepare for an insect throb fest.

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A Not-So-Epic Battle of Third Installments

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I spent some pleasant time at the cinema this week. I decided on two, third installments. First, I watch the 3rd Hunger Games movie. The best part of this amazing film is when I found myself daydreaming about the 3rd … Continue reading

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Trailer of Ultimate Goodness

Boners and hard nipples. BONERS AND HARD NIPPLES!!

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Midgetspar, hoodie, the rhinestone dragon

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TMNT Reboot Looms

Go check out this post by my friends at Doomed For Failure by clicking this link:

The new trailer is included.

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Guest Blogger (Chagger73: The Bridge Crossing)

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The Bridge Crossing The Bridge Crossing I’m driving with her sitting across the cab from me. The brilliant glowing sunlight is cut by the sharp shadows cast by the supports of the bridge we are driving across. Over the last … Continue reading

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San Francisco Tweet-Up 2013

So if you’re on Twitter and in the bay area or a hooker with extra flappy snatch cash .. you should come say “hi”.

Here’s a little promo video my buddy Travis (@Medisinn) and I made for it.

Go here for details:

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