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Whenever Trouble Looms .. Call Upon The Swayze

You’re Welcome.

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Cats Don’t Want Hugs

Myths about cats and dogs are being debunked. Apparently your ugly ass cat doesn’t like the human squeeze put on it. My cat wants hugs, cheesecake and orange cream popsicles, and who are you to tell me otherwise .. dingle … Continue reading

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O.J. Mayo BUSTED For Steroid Use

Judging by this picture of him in college, the young man seems to have his shit pretty well put together. Perhaps suckin’ balls in the NBA drove him to it. Honestly, I don’t really care. His name consists of juice … Continue reading

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New Study Finds That Men Are Distracted By Sexy News Anchors

SHOCKER. I just concluded a study that took me about 3.9 seconds. Men are distracted by ANYTHING sexy. “Scotch, Scotch, Scotch .. down in my belly.”

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Lindsay Lohan Is WORRIED Charlie Sheen Might Die

Reality Show concept. Stick Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen on an island with Sheen’s briefcase full of coke .. and just start the film a rollin’. Magical.

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