We Can’t All Be Heroes

Alright. Just read this. It’s amazing.

Donnie Riggins, the resource cop for Lake Brantley High School in Florida, was let go on Friday after he came to school dressed as a gynecologist by the name of “Dr. Harry Beaver,” WFTV reports.
The report notes that what might have started out as a well-meaning talk to students about the dangers of drinking and driving, quickly turned inappropriate when he mentioned a teacher in a hypothetical situation.
“Now, you know you have been drinking, but after all, it’s Mrs. Cahill,” Riggins said in the recording, according to the station. “And you’re saying to yourself, ‘She’s giving me the dirty eye, she’s licking her chops. I think I should give her a ride.”
School administrators were not happy with the comments, however, and Riggins has since been re-assigned to patrol.
Despite the controversy, WKMG reports students are outraged by the “popular” officer’s removal.
“Students have obtained nearly 400 signatures calling for Riggin’s reinstatement, however, students don’t know why the popular officer was removed from the school.”
“He was a very nice guy, always joking around,” one student told the station. “Never seemed to have any problems with anybody or any thing.”

Of course they want him back. He’s down with the vag. It’s highschool.

My new hero. (Pictured Below)

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