2012 NFL Mock Draft

2012 Nfl Mock Draft


Andrew Luck – QB – Stanford

Hindsight can be a depressing thing. If the Colts knew they
they would have the first pick in the draft, they could have unloaded
a lot of players that probably wont be back next year for draft picks.
Jim Isray needs as many draft picks as he can muster from this class.
It’s deep, and his team is terrible. With Manning on the way out, he could
have traded Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Robert Mathis, all for decent
picks within the first 4 rounds.
Look for the Colts to not only draft Luck, but draft him weapons in
the later rounds. When the Manning trade happens, we’ll know how many
picks they will have to spend on defense, too. Drafting Luck is pointless if
you don’t provide him targets to grow with. We’ve seen these collapses much
to often in the past.

Matt Kalil – OT- USC

With the package duo of Josh McDaniels and Brandon Lloyd looking to
make their exit, the Rams are in trouble. Sam Bradford needs protection and
playmakers. Picking second is a gift with Robert Griffin III on the board. If they
can make a trade with Cleveland, they may be able to pull in their two first
rounders and second rounder, giving them 4 picks in the first two rounds, they
can address two players in each area of need. For now, they select Kalil, the
best OT prospect to come out in some time.

Robert Griffin III – QB – Baylor

Christian Ponder is not a franchise Quarterback. If Griffin is on the board,
Minnesota has to take him. Trade Ponder, make him your back-up, I don’t care.
Griffin has far to much talent and is more skilled and athletic than what Minnesota
is working with, now. I don’t think Griffin will be around for Minnesota to worry about,
but I’m not predicting trades in this draft. Griffin, Peterson and Harvin would be
an excellent core of young talent on offense.

Justin Blackmon – WR – Oklahoma State

Many people mock Trent Richardson, here. Without a passing game, teams will
stack the box. A running back can be addressed later in the draft. Blackmon is a
Terrell Owens type beast who can move Greg Little over to the number 2 receiver.
Colt McCoy is on his last legs if Cleveland drafts Blackmon. It wouldn’t be a surprise
if the Browns package their two first round picks and then some to move up for Robert

Morris Claiborne – CB – LSU

Tampa Bay needs a lot of everything. Talib has legal troubles and
Barber is on his last legs. A shutdown cornerback is a good start at
repairing a hobbled defense. In a division with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan,
a lockdown corner is required.

Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame

If Washington doesn’t land Manning or Flynn in free agency, or move
up for Griffin, they will be entering the 2012 season with Rex and Beck, again.
Even though the season will look bleak, they can at least put some pieces
together for when they eventually do land their Quarterback of the future.
Richardson is an option here, but Royster and Helu looked good enough to
address a huge need, being a young talented Wide Receiver.

Alshon Jeffery – WR – South Carolina

Jeffery had a production decline this year due to poor Quarterbacking at
South Carolina. I’m sorry, Alshon, but now you have Blaine Gabbert throwing
to you. Hopefully it is only for one more year. Drafting Jeffery will be Gabberts’
last stand. The Jags won’t have anymore excuses. With MJD and Jefferey, look
for the Jaguars to draft a Quarterback in the 2013 class or sign someone in free

Riley Reiff – OT – Iowa

Though injury prone, Reggie Bush had a good year. Miami’s offense picked
it up in the second half of the year and their defense performed well. It looks like
Matt Moore will get another year under center, so Reiff is selected here to help
Moore and Bush try to keep the momentum they had at the end of this season.

Dre Kirkpatrick – CB – Alabama

With a strong running game and Steve Smith having a few more years left in
him, the Panthers need to address their defense. They can’t keep losing games
42- 35. With Newton at Quarterback, the offense will put up points. If he can limit his
turnovers next year, Kirkpatrick will help sure up the secondary.

Quinton Coples – DE – North Carolina

The Bills had to many injuries on offense this year. They will resemble the team
that was competitive the first few weeks of the season in 2012. Coples will try to atone
for the Maybin “bust” of a few years ago. The Bills have to establish more of a pass
rush next year.

Trent Richardson – RB – Alabama

Nobody knows how Charles will be returning from injury. Kansas City will go with
Matt Cassell next year, and with Dwayne Bowe and Jonathan Baldwin, the receiving
corps look healthy. It’s to hard to pass up on Richardson, here. I doubt he’ll last
this long, but in this mock he slides. Another option would be Offensive Tackle,
Jonathan Martin.

Whitney Mercilus – DE – Illinois

There are no Quarterbacks worth the gamble here. Seattle can’t afford to draft a
a Gabbert or Ponder. I almost went cornerback but Browner had a pretty surprising
year. Mercilus is raw, but so was Pierre-Paul. Seattle hopes to improve their pass
rush with this pick.

Jonathan Martin – OT – Stanford

With no receivers available without reaching, Arizona has a choice to either
sure up their defense or protect Kolb and help Wells, both whom suffered injuries
this season. Martin is drafted to try to improve the effeciency of the offense and
save the investment they made when aquiring Kolb last offseason.

Alfonzo Dennard – CB – Nebraska

Rob Ryan was embarrassed on to many occasions. Dallas can put up points, they
are having trouble preventing them. Dennard will help shut down quality receivers
when they face the Eagles and Giants. Offensive Line is another direction they could

Luke Kuechly – ILB – Boston College

The Eagles have a pass rush. They have corners that were effective when the
defensive philosophy was changed. They have nothing at Linebacker. Kuechly is a
tackling machine with great instincts reading offensive plays. Wide Reciever is
another area of need, especially if DeSean Jackson is not retained. There are none
worth reaching for at pick 15 when someone as talented as Kuechly is sitting there
at a position of need.

Courtney Upshaw – OLB/DE – Alabama

This was a touch choice. With the disruption that is, Santonio Holmes, and a
never know what you’re going to get receiver in Plaxico .. and a regressing Mark
Sanchez, offense seems to be a panic pick. If Sanchez doesn’t improve, it wont
matter who they draft on offense to help. The defense can keep the offense in
games, so Upshaw is the selection to go along with a resurgent Maybin and a
hopeful in Wilkerson.

Lamar Miller – RB – Miami

Cincinnati needs cornerback help, but with two first round picks and a deep
class this year, they can draft Cedric Bensens’ replacement. Dalton had a great
rookie year and could have been better with a more consistant running game.
Bensen had a quality second-coming, but is getting older and needs replaced.
The Bengals continue their youth movement on offense.

Melvin Ingram – DE – South Carolina

Phillip Rivers had an off year. He is still a top talent at Quarterback in the league.
He has weapons and the offense should have no problems putting points on
the board next season. In a division with Denver, Kansas City and Oakland,
improving their defense should give them a great shot at reclaiming the top spot.

Janoris Jenkins – CB – North Alabama

Jenkins’ off field problems won’t detour the Bears from selecting him. The Lions
and Packers tout a 5,000 yard passer and the defending Super Bowl Champion at
Quarterback. The secondary in Chicago can use all the help they can get. Kendall
Wright is another solid option to help Cutler in this range.

Nick Perry – DE/OLB – USC

Tennessee will have a healthy Kenny Britt back next year. Chris Johnson will have an
offseason and training camp to try to remember what a runningback is suppose to look
like. Locker is sitting in wait at Quarterback, so defense is the selection here. The Titans
have a good secondary and Derrick Morgan had a good year at Defensive End. Perry
will add speed in the pass rush, enabling the secondary to gather more turnovers.

Chase Minnifield – CB – Virginia

The run on cornerbacks continues. After drafting Lamar Miller with their first pick
in the first round, Cincinnati reaches a bit for Minnifield. Adding youth at corner is
a priority in a division with Baltimore and Pittsburgh, not to mension an aging Nate

Vinny Curry – DE – Marshall

Cleveland had a good defense this year. One area they can
improve upon is their pass rush. Sheard had a good rookie year
and Phil Taylor plugged holes as well. Adding Curry to their front
line should help improve thier sack total.

David DeCastro – OG – Standford

Any offensive line help is needed. DeCastro will be a solid
addition to help Mathew Stafford and whomever can stay healthy
at runningback. Detroit needs cornerback help, but it will have to
be addressed in round 2.

Devon Still – DT – Penn State

Casey Hampton is getting older. The whole defense is getting older.
Youth at linebacker is also a need, but with Still, still on the board, the
Steelers snatch him up. Pittsburgh needs to begin getting younger on

Kendall Wright – WR – Baylor

Eddie Royal probably won’t return. Thomas is coming on as a number 1
receiver. One of Tebows’ problems is holding the ball to long. Wright has
speed. The speed to seperate and get open quick. Tebow will have a complete
offseason and training camp to improve, and giving him a fast wideout will
definitely help.

Dont’a Hightower – ILB – Alabama

It’s time again that New York has a presence in the Linebacker position. They
are feared for their front four, Hightower would give opposing offensive
something else to worry about and plan for.

Dwight Jones – WR – North Carolina

Houston has a superb defense under Wade Phillips and this is without
Mario Williams for a lot of the year. One area of need is a quality number 2
receiver. If Andre Johnson continues to haggle through injuries, the Texans
will need more depth at the position.

Mohamed Sanu – WR – Rutgers

With Braylon Edwards not working out, the 49ers need someone across
from the finally effective, Michael Crabtree. With the run on wide receivers
in the first round, San Francisco cannot afford to wait until late in round 2. Sanu
is a reach here, but with a superb defense and wideouts being picked clean, they
have to pull the trigger.

Vontaze Burfict – ILB – Arizona State

There are a lot of teams that would take a chance on Burfict, but only a small
handful where he can be coached and kept in check. Balitmore is one of these
destinations, with a good coach and a strong core of veteran leaders. Ray Lewis
only has a few years left, and if his attitude can be curved, Burfict will bring the
same feared ferocity.

Brandon Thompson – DT – Clemson

New England needs youth and speed at wide receiver. Luckily for them, Brandon
Lloyd might fall right in their lap. He has recently spoke out on following Josh
McDaniels to where he ends up. This is perfect. New England can address their putrid
defense with their two picks in the first round. Thompson is a BIG start.

Mark Barron – S – Alabama

Chung and Barron would make a great safety combination. With a healthy
Wilfork and Mayo, the Patriots are starting to rebuild their defense again. Tom
Brady can’t always do it alone.

Stephon Gilmore – CB – South Carolina

The Packers need secondary help, bad. They are great at winning shootouts,
but wouldn’t it be better to just win every game by 20? Charles Woodsen is still
playing at a good level, but they have to get younger at the cornerback position.


1. ST. LOUIS RAMS: Nick Toon – WR – Wisconsin
2. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Cordy Glenn – OG – Georgia
3. MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Zebrie Sanders – OT – Florida State
4. TAMPA BAY BUCS: Zach Brown – OLB – North Carolina
5. CLEVELAND BROWNS: Chris Polk – RB – Washington
6. JACKSONVILLE JAGS: Jayron Hosley – CB – Virginia Tech
7. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Ryan Tannehill – QB – Texas A&M
8. CAROLINA PANTHERS: Ronnell Lewis – OLB – Oklahoma
9. BUFFALO BILLS: Mike Adams – OT – Ohio State
10. MIAMI DOLPHINS: Andre Branch – DE – Clemson
11. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Lavonte David – OLB – Nebraska
12. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Kelechi Osemele – OG – Iowa State
13. DALLAS COWBOYS: Peter Konz – C – Wisconsin
14. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Robert Lester – S – Alabama
15. NEW YORK JETS: Nick Foles – QB – Arizona
16: NEW ENGLAND PATS: Billy Winn – DE – Boise State
17. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: Dwayne Allen – TE – Clemson
18. CHICAGO BEARS: Jeff Fuller – WR – Texas A&M
19. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Jerel Worthy – DT – Michigan State
20. TENNESSEE TITANS: Kevin Zeitler – OG – Wisconsin
21. CINCINNATI BENGALS: Markelle Martin – S – Oklahoma State
22. DETROIT LIONS: Casey Hayward – CB – Vanderbilt
23. ATLANTA FALCONS: Tyler Eifert – TE – Notre Dame
24. PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Bruce Irvin – OLB – West Virginia
25. DENVER BRONCOS: Coby Fleener – TE – Stanford
26. NEW YORK GIANTS: Brandon Washington – G – Miami
27. HOUSTON TEXANS: Alameda Ta’amu – DT – Washington
28. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Dontari Poe – DT – Memphis
29. BALTIMORE RAVENS: Ben Jones – C – Georgia
30. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Travis Lewis – OLB – Oklahoma
31. NEW ENGLAND PATS: Fletcher Cox – DE – Mississippi State
32. GREEN BAY PACKERS: Nate Potter – OT – Boise State


1. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Josh Chapman – DT – Alabama
2. ST. LOUIS RAMS: LaMichael James – RB – Oregon
3. MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Jonathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State
4. CLEVELAND BROWNS: Micah Hyde – CB – Iowa
5. TAMPA BAY BUCS: Marvin McNutt – WR – Iowa
6. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Jered Crick – DT – Nebraska
7. JACKSONVILLE JAGS: Ryan Broyles – WR – Oklahoma
8. BUFFALO BILLS: Tyler Wilson – QB – Arkansas
9. MIAMI DOLPHINS: David Wilson – RB – Virginia Tech
10. CHICAGO BEARS: Kendall Reyes – DT – Conneticut
11. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Bobby Wagner – ILB – Utah State
12. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Kirk Cousins – QB – Michigan State
13. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Tommy Streeter – WR – Miami
14. NEW YORK JETS: T.Y. Hilton – WR – Florida International
16. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: Matt Reynolds – OT – BYU
17. CHICAGO BEARS: Coryell Judie – CB – Texas A&M
18. ARIZONA CARDINALS: Rueben Randle – WR – LSU
19. DALLAS COWBOYS: Brock Osweiler – QB – Arizona State
20. TENNESSEE TITANS: Michael Brewster – C – Ohio State
21. CINCINNATI BENGALS: Lucas Nix – OG – Pittsburgh
22. ATLANTA FALCONS: Kheeston Randle – DT – Texas
23. DETROIT LIONS: Andrew Datko – OT – Florida State
24. PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Brandon Boykin – CB – Georgia
25. DENVER BRONCOS: Brandon Weeden – QB – Oklahoma State
26. NEW YORK GIANTS: Doug Martin – RB – Boise State
27. HOUSTON TEXANS: Cam Johnson – DE – Virginia
28. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Frank Alexander – DE – Oklahoma
29. BALTIMORE RAVENS: Juron Criner – WR – Arizona
30. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Levy Adcock – OT – Oklahoma State
31. NEW ENGLAND PATS: Cliff Harris – CB – Oregon
32. GREEN BAY PACKERS: Winston Guy Jr. – S – Kentucky

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