NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers

In what proves to be a great game, we have a team in the Giants that are actually all normal sized NFL football players.

This may hurt their chances when the 49ers realize they aren’t all 10 feet tall.

With the 49ers, though, we have a team in which no actual player has probably ever mined for gold.

This lack of honest work may give the normal sized Giants hope.

Prediction: Giants 24, 49ers 16


Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots

The Baltimore Ravens come into this contest in human, not bird form. This bodes well for them because birds are much easier to kill than people. Plus their Quarterback has a pornstar handlebar mustache.

The Patriots have never fought in an actual war, though they do probably love America. Out of the 4 teams, they seem to be the most honest when it comes to the name that represents them. I can respect that.

Prediction: Patriots 31, Ravens 23

No matter who wins or loses, they are all liars.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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