Chicken McNugget Suckin’

Alright. So there is this woman by the name of Khadijah Baseer. She was recently arrested outside of a McDonalds in Los Angeles.

She was trolling up to people’s cars and offering blowjobs in exchange for free Chicken McNuggets.

First of all … if you are suckin’ on a dick .. the nuggets ain’t free. Just had to get that out of the way. That is a service for some chicken. Seems like a fair enough deal to me.

The manager of the McDonalds said that he was aware of her, but usually she does it for money.

Wait, what?

Let this be a lesson to you, people.

If you suck a dick for a twenty dollar bill outside of a Los Angeles McDonalds, you’re fine.

If you suck a dick outside of a Los Angeles McDonalds for 6 Chicken McNuggets ..

Your ass is going to jail.

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