Ashland, Oregon Knows How To Party

This is local news for me. Ashland is a 20 minute drive from where I reside. This is the kind of shit that goes down in Southern Oregon. Be jealous.

Thanks to FB Friend Mandy who works for the Ashland Daily Tidings for posting this article.

Enjoy the read:

A Thursday morning report of a man wielding a machete and fire poker near Ashland and threatening to kill another man prompted a quick police response. But it turned out to be a disagreement over three pet ferrets, police said.

No one was hurt, and no charges or citations were filed, police said.

The disagreement occurred at a teepee community along Emigrant Creek Road off Buckhorn Springs Road. Police said one transient living there blamed another transient for taking his three pet ferrets into the woods and dumping them three weeks ago. The latter said he was tired of the smelly ferrets climbing in his sleeping bag at night.

According to police reports, the ferret owner, who believed his pets had died trying to fend for themselves in the wild, entered a community teepee, kicked over a coffee pot and started yelling at the other man. That man retaliated by picking up what the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department called a “community machete” and stating he had it for self-defense if it came down to a fight.

The men have since resolved their dispute, police said.

The report of a threat made by someone carrying a machete came less than three months after an Ashland man, David Grubbs, 23, was found murdered on the Central Ashland Bike Path near the Hunter Park tennis courts on Nov. 19. An autopsy showed he was killed by weapon with a medium to large blade, police said. The case remains unsolved.

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