Super Bowl Wrap Up

It was a good game. Giants won.

Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert sang “America The Beautiful” while holding hands.

It was so God Damn beautiful I had to take a smoke break. I couldn’t watch. Their happiness disgusted me.

Kelly Clarkson sang the National Anthem. She was spot on and made it seem effortless. One of the best I’ve ever heard. Took a complete shit on Whitney Houston in my opinion. If she reads this, it will probably send her into relapse.

Madonna was the primary half-time performer. People were concerned she’d pull a “Janet” and let a wrinkly floppy tit pop out. She didn’t.

She was actually very entertaining. She obviously lip-synced every song but the last, but for a 90 year old woman, she was agile and spry.

At one point, she did a cartwheel. It exposed her puss cover. The inside of her thighs looked all bruised up due to the hundreds of mushroom tip cock slaps she’s taken.

LMFAO made an appearance. They bobbed their heads while one of them pretended to spin some mad beats. Then they did their “We can’t believe you idiots made us famous” dance.

I can’t believe you idiots made them famous.

Nicki Minaj rapped super fast while making fucked up disturbing faces.

I can’t believe you idiots made her famous.

In a premeditated move, M.I.A. flipped off the cameras to try to make headlines.

NBC tried to blur it out, but it was to late. The damage had been done. M.I.A. told the world to “Fuck Off” with the erection of one little finger.

I hope this attention whore drowns in a puddle of cottage cheese. Your finger .. is no tit. Better luck next time.

A little black muppet came out to end it. It was obvious NBC was shamelessly promoting “The Voice”, which directly followed the Super Bowl. Shelton and Green both sang.

The bright side of C-Lo Green coming out, was there was NO WAY he would be able to lip-sync, with a live, real singing competition that he was judging coming up next.

It forced Madonna to sing on her last song. She was good. She should have just sang the whole set.

I’m glad the little black muppet hobbled in to save the day.

All in all, it was a great game and Madonna was entertaining.

I can’t believe you idiots made the rest of those fucks, famous.

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