Spank Your Kids, Don’t Be A Pussy has an article that headlines, “Spanking kids can cause long-term harm: Canada study”

You know what else has already caused long-term harm to America? NOT spanking the fuck out of all the miniature Satan’s running around.

Kids are rude, disrespectful, mouthy, pieces of shit. These pieces of shit grow up to be bigger pieces of shit. Shit that knows no fear of discipline or shows proper respect for elders and authority.

I realize that in most states, if you spank your child, you will be put in prison for the rest of your life .. that’s why you beat the shit out of them from ages 2 to 4. They have no clue that they can send you off to the rape palace.

Proper discipline raises quality children. Beat the little butt holes, raw.

The ‘study’ says that spanking will lower your child’s IQ.

I was spanked.

I was spanked, a lot.

I am a genius.

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