I’m On Your Side This Time, Ladies

A lot of women’s groups are all up in Danica Patrick’s shit for using her sexuality to profit instead of just being a series female NASCAR driver in a man’s racing world.

They feel Danica could have focused more on being taken serious as a driver, than parading around in no clothes in GO Daddy commercials.

I fully agree. Although she is making way more money in endorsements than she ever will coming in 20th place in races, she should cover up her body and just stick to driving cars.

There is NO man that would embarrass himself the way she is.

There is no man that would venture off from any professional sport or form of competitive entertainment and strip down to make a buck.

You have a lot to learn Ms. Patrick.

It’s a man’s world, and frankly, we’re just not that gay. Men in sports sell out for NO ONE.


Most people don’t give a shit about NASCAR unless you are from Tennessee or like having sex with your parents.

Nobody gives a shit about Soccer unless you are overseas and enjoy keeping a tally sheet on sporting even riot deaths.

Get your shit right.

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