Katy Perry Is Lucky She Didn’t Marry Herself

It’s a rarity in divorce, where one party doesn’t totally rape the other of everything they can possibly get their slutty little mitts on.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have came to a mutual written agreement that allows Katy Perry to keep all her money, even though he would be entitled to over $20 million dollars if he chose to go after it.

Brand doesn’t need the money, most celebrities in celebrity divorce don’t .. but they go after it in a bitter spiteful rage, regardless.

Kudos to Mr. Brand. You may be a douche bag, but you are a noble, old fashion douche bag.

The question is … what would have happened had the situation been reversed and Brand made a lot more money than Perry?

Hmmmm, have you EVER known a woman to not take everything she possibly could from her ex-husband in divorce?


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