Dear Parents: Whitney Houston Edition

If you’re a parent, please take ‘this’ opportunity to teach your kids how drugs, addiction, and terrible choices can destroy your life. Loss is never an easy thing to deal with, but when appropriate, it can serve as a valuable lesson for our youth. A lesson the media refuses to teach, because there is no money to be made in knowledge and understanding .. only sales and advertising.

Please take the time to explain the true definition of what a ‘tragedy’ is. Expectations come to fruition is not tragic. Unfortunate, yes. Sad, sometimes, tragic … not quite.

There is short-term memory loss bias in the entertainment community. One that shouldn’t exist in our homes. The celebration of life, upon death, is a valuable tool for close friends and relatives. Paying respects is always a nobel gesture …

… the absolute glorification of a life that is lost due to decades of addiction and substance abuse is not a good example for our children.

I enjoyed Ms. Houston’s music. I was a kid once, too. It’s sad her life took the turn it did, but her passing is not a tragedy. It is a result.

A result that can be used to teach our young the dangers and repercussions of illegal and prescription drug abuse.

It’s ‘their’ job to make money. It’s OUR job to guide our own.

RIP Whitney Houston

I hope the most peaceful tranquil sleep to you. The one you’ve been searching for, for quite some time now.

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