Conan O’Brien Needs A New “Day Job”

“Look, I’m Conan O’Brien and I have an owl on my shoulder, isn’t that funny?!”

No, It’s not.

You aren’t funny, Conan.

Conan O’Brien had Jimmy Fallon’s old gig as the 12:35pm NBC Late Night talk show host. He had decent ratings and a huge college kid following.

He then took over for Leno on the Tonight Show and ratings took a big fat shit. Leno came back and there was outcry for O’Brien.

“Team Coco” was birthed and TBS paid him way to much money to begin a new Late Night talk show.

Even though his ratings still SUCK, TBS has renewed his show through 2014.

Once again, Conan O’Brien isn’t funny.

He is a great sketch comedy writer. He use to be a writer for SNL.

Some of Conan’s more memorable skits include Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, The Masturbating Bear and his “In the year 2000” bit, in which it’s the guy singing the title in a high pitch voice that makes it work.

His monologues are weak and boring and his banter is tiring. Andy Richter is more entertaining than him.

Conan should go back to writing. It’s his strong point. When he develops sketches for others who can execute the jokes better than he, it’s successful.

Conan will never be a Late Night ratings God. I follow him on Twitter, along with countless other comedians, and his are by far in the top 5 most unfunny.

If he wasn’t a tall goofy looking redhead, he would have never gotten in front of a camera.

If you are a Conan O’Brien fan, I apologize. You probably think when your Dad farts it’s still funny, too.

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