The God Damn Asian American Journalists Association Strikes Again

With New York Knicks Point Guard, Jeremy Lin, exploding in popularity, The Asian American Journalists Association has released “Guidelines” on what people can and can’t say about him.

This all started when ESPN.COM released an article on Lin called “A Chink In The Armour”.

What’s wrong with that? ::coughs::

The first two things they have outlawed people saying is “Chink” and “Me Love You Lin Time”.


Here are a few more rules …

“When discussing Lin’s physical characteristics, particularly those that feminize/emasculate the Asian male (Cinderella-story angles should not place Lin in a dress).”

What? I would have never even thought about cross-dressing Jeremy Lin in something fancy that yells “Take Me To The Ball!” .. but thanks to the AAJA .. I am now.

“EYE SHAPE: This is irrelevant. Do not make such references if discussing Lin’s vision.”

This sucks, because now I can’t say something like, “Lin is taking the NBA by storm and he’s doing it with his eyes closed!”

“SONG PARODY: Refrain from placing Lin’s ethnic background in song.”

Bummer. There goes the new smash hit, “My homework brings all the Asians to the yard .. and Lin’s like .. it wasn’t that hard.”

“MARTIAL ARTS: You’re writing about a basketball player. Don’t conflate his skills with judo, karate, tae kwon do, etc. Do not refer to Lin as “Grasshopper” or similar names associated with martial-arts stereotypes.”

So you don’t want us to feminize him .. but now your own rule makes him look like a huge pussy?


Dear AAJA,

You releasing these RULES and REGULATIONS on what people are ALLOWED to say, will only make us want to say more.

You’re a bunch of retards.



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