CSI: WISCONSIN – Denny’s Edition

How crazy hungry do you have to be to dress up in a coat and tie, walk into a Denny’s (of all fucking places), pretend like you’re the new General Manager … and try to cook your own burger and fries.

This is what Wisconsin native, James Summers, tried to pull off.

After entering with a briefcase, he tried to keep a low profile so employees would assume he was important.

The restaurant manager confronted him and after a brief exchange, concluded he was totally full of shit and asked him to leave.

Summers would do no such thing. Summers … wanted a Denny’s cheeseburger.

While in the office on the phone making calls to corporate, Summers began cooking his food in the kitchen.

Employees tried knocking on the door to notify the manager, but she ignored as she made her calls.

Soon after, Wisconsin police arrived, arrested, and escorted Mr. Summers from the building.

On his way out, in true heroic fashion, he yelled to all the patrons of the eatery, “This is why you don’t dine and dash, kiddies!”

Epic Fail .. but EPIC nonetheless.


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