Crippled People Make Shitty Criminals

John Christopher Champion, 22, has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery. He could not be charged with “legged” robbery.

What’s worse? He’s fucking disabled.

Champion went cruising into a Chevron Mini Mart in Cheifland, Florida, on his pimp-ass wheelchair wielding his Rambo:First Blood pocket knife.

He taunted the clerk to push the “panic button” .. claiming that there was no way police would show up and arrest a weapon swindling disabled minute market robber. So she pushed it …

He asked the clerk for the cash. She got into a “struggle” with him (How much struggle can a dick with no legs put up?) and stabbed Champion in his mother fuckin’ disabled legs 3 times.

More gimped than when he entered, he grabbed a 6 pack of beer and … a roll of electrical tape .. and rolled on out …

… where he got stuck in some sand.

Police arrived and arrested Champion.


Disabled man rolls into Chevron, pulls out a Boy Scout knife, gets stabbed in his already disabled legs 3 times … grabs beer and tape .. then gets stuck in sand until police show up to arrest him.

He is going to be SO easy to rape in prison.

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