Weekend Box Office Top 10 Feb 24th-26th

1. Act Of Valor – $24.7 million

I’m pretty sure this is a war movie starring real life Navy Seals. Viewers are saying it’s realistic.

I don’t really know much else about it .. but on Twitter, Charlie Sheen said it was good.

Charlie Sheen don’t lie.

2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds – $16 million

I’m super glad the Navy Seal movie came out, because if it wouldn’t have … I’m sure this movie would have debuted in the number 1 spot earning $40 million bucks.

I fucking hate Tyler Perry movies.

It’s not because he’s black.

It’s because I’m white.

3. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – $13.5 million

4. Safe House – $11.4 million

5. The Vow – $10 million

6. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance – $8.8 million

7. This Means War – $8.5 million

8. Wanderlust – $6.6 million

This movie fuckin’ tanked. Not only did it have the Jennifer Aniston curse (most of her movies suck dick) but on social media networks (Twitter, especially) the stars and director and friends of them promoted this movie HORRIBLY. I’ll explain:

Thinking they were funny, they kept touting how much man dick was flopping around in the movie.

That’s funny to say .. but dudes don’t want to take their girls on a date to a movie knowing there will be cock all over the screen, no matter how hilarious it might be.

Social marketing fail.

9. Gone – $5 million

I honestly have no clue what this movie is about. Gauging by the picture, I think Amanda Seyfried falls into a Port-A-Potty and hangs on to the inner toilet lid for dear life.

Sounds like an exciting 90 minutes.

10. The Secret World Of Arrietty – $4.5 million

I’ve still never heard of this movie.

Boring week in cinema. Here’s a video starring a huge pink-dicked sippy cup. I hope you like Starship.

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