Dancing With The “Stars” Season 14 Cast Revealed

I never thought there would come a day, where I would actually be pulling for Jaleel White or Gavin DeGraw to win … pretty much anything.

The new cast has been announced for DWTS. Fuck that’s a hip acronym.

Here are your legendary performers .. a.k.a. … “stars”

William Levy
(Never heard of him)

Sherri Shepherd
(Loud mouth from “The View”)

Jaleel White

Martina Navratilova
(80’s Lesbian tennis player)

Jack Wagner
(80’s Lesbian tennis player)

Donald Driver
(Green Bay Packer WR)

Maria Menounos
(E Network hot piece of ass)

Roshon Fegan
(Never heard of him)

Gavin DeGraw
(One Tree Hill Song Guy)

Katherine Jenkins
(Never heard of her)

Melissa Gilbert
(70’s child star .. maybe even the 60’s)

Gladys Knight
(Black 80’s Lesbian tennis player and/or singer)

There you have it.


Go Urkel


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