Brad Pitt Inches Closer To The Ultimate Threesome

Brad Pitt has initiated OPERATION: THREESOME and it is shockingly working.

Trying to end this ‘feud’ between his ex-wife and his current girlfriend seems to be high on his list.

How did he do it?

Brad Pitt mailed Jennifer Aniston a copy of Angelina Jolie’s new film “In The Land Of Blood And Honey”.


I don’t get it. Nothing says “You two should be friends” like sending your ex a movie and saying “Look how good my new girlfriend is!”

Somehow, it worked.

Aniston sent Jolie flowers and a card saying how beautiful the film was.

There was probably anthrax in the petals. There had to be. Bitch totally took yo’ man.

These people are becoming incredibly boring.

One of them needs to get fisted, STAT!

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