Celebrity Cell Phone Hackers Strike Again

Two celebrities have fallen victim to the cell phone picture hacking business, again.

Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks, who is famous for her full figure and gigantic tits is the best of the two.

Hendricks is denying that the one that actually shows her nipples being sandwiched together by her arms (there is no face in the shot) is her. She claims all the others are. Mmmhmm.

Google it if you want the real deal. I’d post them but my site demographic is the 4-10 year old age group.

Olivia Munn is celebrity number 2. Like Hendricks, Munn is denying that the tittay/nipple shots are her, but says the rest are.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Munn. I didn’t get to excited about hers. She’s probably denying the topless one is her ’cause she’s got deflated little bewbies when a bra isn’t assisting her with the smash up job.

Google her, too, if you’d like.

This is the best celebrity twosome cell phone nudie pic release day since Jessica Alba and my girlfriend, Kat Dennings.

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