Strippers Vs. Werewolves? YES PLEASE

NETFLIX better have this movie, I swear to God. This is the fucked up piece of shit cinema I live for.

Here’s a brief description of the movie:

“When a werewolf leader is mistakenly killed within a seedy strip club in the darkest parts of London, the monsters decide to take revenge on the ‘dancing talent’ and return in full force and hungry for blood. The cast boasts a host of British television talent including Martin Kemp, Billy Murray, Simon Phillips, Steven Berkoff and a little treat in the form of a cameo from the man of your dreams himself, Robert Enlgund.”

Is there a horror movie Robert Englund won’t do? I hope not. ‘Cause he’s fucking incredible.

This movie was mad in the UK, where a lot of great shitty B-Horror movies originate from.

This movie will end up in my collection.

Here are a few more movie still pictures followed by the official trailer.

Bravo. Enjoy.

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