More Ghetto Tweets Courtesy of Rihanna

Last night, Rihanna went on a pretty good rant using as much poor grammar as she could possibly muster.

Bitch is straight ghetto. I hope your kids look up to her .. because this is what they learned last night:

“They knew I was coming…this hotel just got better.”

And the night begins. She just improved the value of a hotel. She rocks at Monopoly.

“Hey little girl, u try and pass my way, I’m tempted to touch! The dress u wear, ur perfume keeps me wanting u so much”

Sounds like gurlfriend wants to eat some pussy.

“Puttin up a resistance…I’m gonna work it out!”

She just joined the Rebel Alliance. Star Wars fans rejoice.

“I wanna explain to you, you’re the hit on every corner”

Rihanna just bought some drugs from a hooker. Now things are beginning to heat up.

“Whoooo say dat big man don’t cry? Ya neva miss de water til de well run dry”

Her poor recollection of a Boyz II Men song.

“I wish u would stay longer…light up my life like Disney World”

I anxiously await the Donald Duck sex-tape.

“Dinner wit my hoes”

Rihanna treats her drug dealers to a fine ass meal.

“Oh man I love my bitches!!!!”

Get dat pussy!

“Poppin bottles at the same damn time”

Rihanna: Coming soon to a bath tub near you.

“What it do? What it is? What u workin with?”

Rihanna would like to politely ask you how big your cock is.

“Straight like that, yea I fuck wit her the long way!!!”

Rihanna fucks her bitches with the dick she just grew.

“If she aint fuckin, Adios!”

God damn, gurl! Get dat Mexican pussy!

“Might look light, but we heavy doe”

Rihanna just turned into a fat female deer.

“Can’t see em cuz the money in the way”

Use some of dat muney for grammar lessons, gurlfriend!

“Hey bitch, hey bitch, hey ho!”

Obvious Dr. Seuss fan.

“Wonder what u do if I went missin on ur ass”

I would report you missing to the Grammar Police.

“A$$ so phat I need a lap dance!!!!”


“I walk around the club, fuck errbody!!!”

Humble, and she utilized a comma. Very impressive.

“I beat the p*ssy up”

Yeah! Finally gettin’ dat pussy, ho! Chris Brown that shit!

This all went down in about a 4 hour period of time. I left some out because I was getting anxiety re-reading it.

Get dat pussy, gurl.

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