Kim Kardashian Fights Back!

Good for you. I don’t think people realize how much cock you had to stuff in your twatty mouth to become a respectable business woman.

(Twatty isn’t a real word, kids)

Growing up on the mean streets in Beverly Hills with a famous attorney father must have been rough.

Then, when he passed away, it got even harder when your cunt bag mother attached herself to a United States Olympic champion. Lots of ramen noodles for dinner at night, I’m sure.

Then to watch your billionaire best friend get caught in a sex-tape scandal? I know she pretended to fight it, but it must have been rough to see her finally break free from her families respectable riches and start her own franchises after taking dick up her ass.

Then, coincidentally, months later … your sex-tape pretends to fight it’s release. How that has-been celebrity snuck a video camera into your bedroom to film you chocking on his cack must have been devastating.

(Snuck and Cack aren’t real words, kids)

Everyone knows, that you still would have ended up with a super successful reality television show where you prance around crying and spouting out stupid shit while capitalizing on the retarded youth of America. There was just to much talent there for you not to make it.

You have recently released a statement in response to Jon Hamm calling you and Paris Hilton cum guzzling stupid slutty no talent cunts …

And you should have.

Nobody gets you.

But I do, Kim Kardashian, so rest easy tonight.

Snatch. 🙂

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