Jeremy Renner’s Dog Dies?

Holy Fuck. Jeremy Renner’s 8 month old puppy died. This is all over the internet.

This is news.

The dog died at a baseball game while being “dog-sat” by his friend and business partner.

Being that “said friend” just murdered American Legend, Jeremy Renner’s puppy, I will leave his name out of this post to protect his identity.

Every other article has it, though. So it’s easy to find.

The dog ran around in the heat and didn’t drink enough water or something. The “friend” went to go get a hot dog or something and when he came back the dog lay dead in a stranger’s arms.

This is so heart breaking.

It’s not like families lose pets everyday they’ve owned for decades. This is JEREMY RENNER’S dog, mother fuckers.

I’d rather another KATRINA hit New Orleans than learn that Renner’s dog has died.

So sad.

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