James, Brother of Jesus.

How much would it suck to be Jesus’ brother James?

“I heard your brother turned water to wine last night and everyone had a huge rage. Where you there?”

“Yeah. I brought glow-sticks.”

“JERUSALEM — Is the purported burial box of Jesus’ brother James fake or authentic?

Seven years of trial, testimony from dozens of experts and a 475-page verdict Wednesday failed to come up with an answer.

A Jerusalem judge, citing reasonable doubt, acquitted Israeli collector Oded Golan, who was charged with forging the inscription on the box once hailed as the first physical link to Christ.

Golan said the ruling put an end to what he portrayed as a 10-year smear campaign against him. Hershel Shanks, editor of the Washington-based Biblical Archaeology Review, said he was delighted, insisting the burial box, or ossuary, is authentic and a “prized artifact to the world of Christianity.”

Who names their kid Oded? Foreign people are so weird. That would be like an American naming their kid “Shaniqua” .. oh wait, we do.

I think it’s funny how serious Israelis take this shit. Open the box? See what’s in it?

They will be super disappointed when it’s just pornographic stone carvings. Ancient jack-off material.

“If you got it, beat it.” – That was James’ motto.

What else made me laugh is this part of the article:

“Golan has said he’s owned the ossuary since the late 1970s and never paid much attention until a visiting French expert suggested the inscription might refer to the brother of Jesus.”

OHHHHHH, THAT JESUS?!? Duh, I never put it together until now! The inscription read like this:

“James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”

What a butt fucker.

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