Telekinesis: Theodore Plumtree (video)

So, there’s this Wizard I know …

His name is Theodore Plumtree.

He’s just like you and me. He likes Jack In The Box tacos, video games, and having the occasional beer.

I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with Mr. Plumtree. I’ve seen his magic first hand. You wouldn’t believe the  things he can do with his … wand? Yeah, his wand.

Occasionally we’ll get together and he’ll ask me to video a spell or project that he is working on.

First time I met him, he asked me to document him saying hello to the world for the first time.

It was called “The Rise Of Theodore Plumtree” …

… and rise he did. To a beautiful acoustic tune.

This venture was more exhausting.

He wanted to chronicle his venture into Telekinesis.

The following video is the result of his journey …

You can see more of Theodore Plumtree at

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