Weekend Box Office Top 10 March 16th-18th

1. 21 Jump Street – $35 million

Perhaps due to St. Patrick’s Day, there were few movies released this weekend. Everyone is out getting blitzed and fucked.

The only wide release was 21 Jump Street. I saw it. It’s pretty fuckin’ funny.

It gets cheesy at times, but it’s still a fun ride that provides decent laughs … and God Damn that Channing Tatum, he’s pretty good in it, too.

2. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – $22.8 million

3. John Carter – $13.5 million

4. Project X – $4 million

5. A Thousand Words – $3.7 million

6. Act Of Valor – $3.6 million

7. Safe House – $2.8 million

8. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – $2.4 million

9. Casa De Mi Padre – $2.2 million

This Will Ferrell gimmick movie performed extremely well in limited release.

It only debuted to 382 theaters where most movies get 3,000 plus. It’s a good sign to the studio God’s for the wide release, upcoming.

Even though I refer to it as a gimmick movie (which it is), it looks original and worth checking out.

I’m generally a total slut for Ferrell movies.

10. This Means War – $2.1 million


16. Jeff, Who Lives At Home – $840,000

Also in limited release (254 screens) was the Jason Segal/Ed Helms dramedy Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

More will be written on this when it gets it’s wide release and enters the top 10.

Due to very few new movies coming out this week, I’ve included a fake movie trailer that is pretty old, so many have already seen it.

It’s extremely well done and fan made, and I would go see it TOMORROW if it was released.


Starring Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman.


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