Peyton Manning Is A Denver Bronco

Finally, the big fish has landed.

Manning notified other teams that he has chosen his destination, then instructed his agent to begin negotiations with the Denver Broncos.

What the fuck does this mean for Jesus’ son, Tim Tebow?

He was the biggest story in the NFL last year, now he will either get cut or traded and probably not start in the NFL next year.

THIS is where Tebow needs to flip the switch. I don’t mean professionally, I mean personally.

Tim, you need to start pounding back shots of Jameson whiskey and fuck every bitch alive. There is so much pussy out there wanting to hop on your dick it makes me sick with jealous rage.

Super models, actresses, Playboy bunnies, hot ass fucking local waitresses, strippers, groupies …

Get depressed and FUCK ‘EM ALL!!!

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