Legoland Hotel Opens In WIndsor, England

“The newest Legoland hotel opened over the weekend in Windsor, England.

The 150-room hotel features 1,600 models made from 80 million Lego bricks, which required 45 builders from across Europe to create, The Sun reports.”

Can you imagine how fucking stoked Lego was to take this phone call:

“Uh, yeah, hi. I’m John Retard calling on behalf of The Legoland Hotel. We’re opening up a new sleeping quarters for 3 year old kids and Star Wars fans and will be needing around 80 million Lego’s.”

(Hangs up phone, pulls dick out, drools all over self, and eats a string cheese)

I’m looking forward to the headline:

“Rock band stops in Windsor to play a show, thrashes the Legoland Hotel!”


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