Dwarf Tossing

Two midgets (I can call them whatever I want) went on Anderson Cooper, outraged at the “sport” called Midget Tossing.

During the interview, they made it clear that … when in a bar .. drunk people will throw little people AFTER they have agreed to it.


If a midget agrees to get tossed, strap a helmet on that bitch and chuck the mother fucker?

They have the option to say “no”? Quit being a bunch of tiny pussies about it?

Here is part of the article:

“On Tuesday’s episode of Anderson, The Little Couple stars Bill Klein and Jen Arnold talk to famed newsman Anderson Cooper about their outrage over “dwarf tossing” and a Florida representative’s attempts at overturning a ban on it. In October 2011, Ritch Workman, a Republican politician who serves as a representative in Florida’s House of Representatives, introduced legislation to overturn the 1989 ban on dwarf tossing, in order to boost revenue to the struggling Florida economy. ”

Haha, a politician in Florida is actually trying to overturn a law and make heaving midgets across a bar legal … to stimulate the economy.

Bitch just wants to launch a dwarf.

Who doesn’t.

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