Woman Is Scared Of Her 87 Year Old Neighbor

See, THIS should be a reality show. It’s fucking hilarious!?

I’d even go watch this as a movie. It would put Grumpy Old Men to shame.

Here’s the article:

“71-year-old Bernadine Jones rarely leaves her Atlanta apartment because of a neighbor. It all started when Bernadine accidentally stepped on her neighbor’s flowers. She tells the Associated Press that her 87-year-old neighbor shouts racial slurs at her, spits on her and gets violent. Police charged her with battery and she was ordered to attend anger management charges. Jones has to pay a dog walker to bring her pet outside because she’s too afraid to leave the apartment and run into her neighbor. “Since I moved here, my life has been just pure hell,” Jones says.”

Here is the Video link. Watch the Awesomeness

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