Top 10 People I Wish Would Eat A Dick

This list will mostly be comprised of people that I wish would eat a dick. It’s pretty fuckin’ specific.

They are in no particular order, it’s not a countdown, just 10 people … that I wish would eat a dick.

CHRIS BROWN – Punch the dick before you eat it.

He’s a pompous, arrogant, selfish, woman beating, piece of shit. I can’t stand him, and it more-so makes me ill that kids and parents of kids allow him to still make millions of dollars.

He can eat a dick.

KATE HUDSON – Over-rated dick eater.

A lot of actors and actresses make it in show business due to famous parents. Kate Hudson is no exception.

She has no range and can only play one part .. and when she does, her voice is boring and dry.

She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood .. all I see is a blank pallet with two nostril holes and an open mouth …

To eat a dick.

NICKI MINAJ – Needs to eat a dick then disappear.

Damn you, America, for making this thing famous. She’s obnoxious, foul, gimmicky, irritating, and she gives me anxiety.

I can’t look at her for more than 4 seconds without having nightmares about people with no talent staring at me.

She can eat a dick.

PARIS HILTON – She can eat a di …. (oh wait)

Here is our first of two slut, cunt, ho, hooker, whore, reality stars. I bet you can’t guess the other one.

I guess in this instance, I don’t mean “Eat a dick” literally. She got famous that way, and would probably make another 40 million dollars off it.

Eat a metaphoric dick.

LMFAO – Two for one dick eating.

I hate these fuckers. Here’s a reason why. When I Google searched these bitches, the caption under this pick said “One of the Greatest bands alive”.

They aren’t a fuckin’ band, and fuck you for even thinking that. They are a terrible union of diarrhea sticks and cum stains.

Hey, no talent programmed beat makers .. Eat two dicks.

Here is where we take a break. We are half way through so it’s time for an honorable mention.

I don’t dislike this fellow, nor have any ill feelings. He is actually a very talented song writer and singer.

ELTON JOHN – Just because I think you’d like it.

Back to the list.

BEYONCE – Eat a Diva Dick that goes by one name.

It’s no secret I hate Diva’s. Maybe “can’t stand” is a better term. Whatever. I don’t like ’em.

I didn’t like Beyonce before she had a baby. I really can’t stand her now that she has patented her baby’s name (Blue Ivy Carter) and plans to release infant products such as clothes, strollers and highchairs.

The name was selected as a marketing machine, and that makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

Eat a big fat shameful dick.

SKRILLEX – Eat a Dubstep Dick

Fuck you and your electronic beats. You’re lucky there are kids that love to cut themselves and get hopped up on drugs just so they can wave around glow sticks without feeling like a fucktard about it in the morning.

No talent hack.

Eat and choke on an electronic dick.

KIM KARDASHIAN – Eat a dick that won’t get you famous, whore.

Insert everything I said about Paris Hilton .. now times it by ONE MILLION.

For every one 14 year old that worships her, there are 50 human beings that want to see her go bankrupt and get pissed on in an alley.

To much? Fuck you.

I hope in 5 years you are eating homeless dick for cans.

KATE UPTON – I just really wanna see you eat dick.

It’s one thing to get famous by intentionally leaking and pretending to fight a sex tape when you’re a nobody …

It’s another to pray every night that someone who’s already famous genuinely fights the release of a sex tape and loses.

Kate Upton .. please get caught eating a dick.

KANYE WEST – Eat a dick then tell people you’re Jesus.

Like many others, Kanye West is rich and famous for being able to talk while rhyming words.

He is conceited, pompous, … pretty much everything you don’t like in a person.

Kanye … Eat a dick.

That concludes our EVIL-FEST of Oral.

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