Katy Perry Music Video “Part Of Me” With Analysis

Katy Perry has debuted her new single/video for her song “Part Of Me”.

The video starts by telling a story.

She catches her boyfriend cheating on her, so she cuts her hair off in a gas station bathroom and joins the military.

The Marines, to be exact.

That makes sense.

When the song first starts, she is driving in her car. This song sounds SO MUCH LIKE all her other programmed popcorn beats, I really thought she was listening to one of her older songs.


It’s just like all the others. This bitch is lucky she has that “I am super easy to fuck because I’m stupid and have huge tits” thing going for her. She really does have that going for her, unfortunately.

So yeah, she joins the Marines, then we get to watch her go through basic training and enter war. It’s super realistic.

Especially the part when she’s dancing and singing underneath a gigantic flag that is being held by her fellow soldiers.

“Wow. She nailed it. That is EXACTLY what It’s like. Thank you for paying this tribute to us.” – Every Marine

I am 100% sure she would take it in the butt and probably not question why it feels weird until you were almost done.

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