Shower Of Blood: A Midgetspar Movie Review


I have this new thing, where every night I watch a free dingleberry of a horror movie on YouTube. Then I’m gonna write about it.

Here is another movie (video) shot on a home camera. I was actually shocked to see so many people involved in the making of this in the credits.


The movie doesn’t even reach the hour and twenty minute mark, and half of it is just bitches taking showers and rubbing rose petals on their vagina’s.

That took four writers?

The acting is terrible all around .. it was so bad .. I actually enjoyed it. You either have to really nail it .. or miss so bad it’s fun. You can’t be in the middle, or your movie will be terrible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your cast (pictured above, obviously).

Every person in that picture shows every private spot on their body except for the dude with brown hair (who is also one of the most terrible actors I have ever seen).

That group goes to visit the main character’s uncle .. who of course has a house in the woods.

Uncle Marty is a vampire. He is fat and old and seduces chicks like he’s fisting Tom Cruise.

(I’m not sure if that made sence)

So these 5 assholes show up and start getting bit, possessed, and killed.

It really is quite terrible. If you like tits, though, 40% of this movie seriously takes place in the shower.

“Shower Of Blood”

I didn’t know the title was so God Damn literal.

What made me laugh, was the caption for the picture above read, “This movie contains the infamous shower of blood scene”.

Lol, what?

There is a scene where the shower faucet turns into a rose (It looks like the effects were done by a 4th grader on an etcher-sketch) and pisses blood over a girls tits for about half an hour .. but infamous?

So, sadly, I enjoy really good movies and really shitty movies. This is definitely a super shitty movie. Would I recommend it? Absolutely not.

For what it is? 3 out of 10 midgets.

Enjoy a scene, and the trailer … for “Shower Of Blood”



“Can You Handle … The Shower Of Blood”

Trust me, you can.

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