Top 10 Non-Comedian Tweeters

The amusing part is .. most comedians suck at Twitter. The biggest offender being Dane Cook. Most would argue that he isn’t funny to begin with, but he’s atrocious on this 140 characters or less venue.

Most that make up this list aren’t funny. What they do accomplish is actually communicating with their fans, not just “retweeting” or shamelessly plugging their projects.

You’d think Jonah Hill would be a funny tweeter? He’s not. He sucks. He sure will let you know when 21 Jump Street is coming out, though.

So here are some celebrities that even though the chances of you getting a reply are slim due to their millions of followers, they do take the time (some daily) to respond and talk to poor people.

1. John Cusack

I was quite surprised to see how involved Cusack was on Twitter. He (along with another fellow that will be on this list) is very “politically aware” and a lot of his banter with fans is boring, but it’s still banter. Whenever he is on a plane, he will Tweet “Hey, let’s chat.”, and will for the duration of his flight. He responds to fan art, questions and will occasionally have fun with his “haters”.

2. Chad Ochocinco

I almost typed “This Ex-Nfl football player” .. but then I remembered he still plays, sort of.

Ochocinco is a lot funnier than I thought he’d be. Whenever he gets bored (and he’s bored A LOT) he will engage in conversation with his fans.

He even takes locals out to events and meals in bulk based off of Twitter response.

He is actually SO active, I had to unfollow him because it was driving me insane.

3. Warwick Davis

No, it’s not because he’s a midget, but Davis DOES play along and have a good time with his height.

Davis will occasionally promote his HBO show “Life Is Short” but for the most part, he just responds and has fun with his fans, always willing to make fun of himself for a laugh. He doesn’t take the fact that he is 1 foot tall too serious.

He gets in conversations with Ricky Gervais (his co-star on the show) and it is hilarious. Gervais would be on this list if it weren’t for him being a comedian. He is one of the few that are actually hilarious and very interactive.

4. Peter King

Peter King is a sports writer/analyst. If you enjoy shooting the shit, he’s your guy. Unlike other sports ‘professionals’, you can tell that King enjoys talking sports.

Others will just Tweet breaking news and on the few occasions they do reply, you will get a “yes” or “no”. They suck. King will answer what he can and have fun with it.

5. Josh Groban

Groban is a random funny mother fucker. He is witty and likes to have fun on Twitter with his fans. I actually look forward to his Tweets, even thought I don’t know shit about his music. Here is a brief example of what he replies to his fans with.

Josh Groban: TGIF!
Fan: Can We Just Skip Friday And Please Get To Saturday, Ugh!

6. Nathan Fillion

The captain of Serenity is a funny dude. He will post pictures of the shit he’s doing and joke with it. He seems to be popular with other celebs on Twitter as well. They mention his tweets a lot.

He also makes fun of himself a lot, which is an excellent quality to possess when you are in the spotlight.

7. Kim Kardashian

I hate this bitch. Yes, I posted a super ugly picture of her on purpose. Kardashian tweets (WHORES) herself out around 30 times a day, always pushing her perfumes and fashion lines. She will also post around 10 pictures of herself a day, making the exact same God damn face, no matter what she’s doing.

“Golf is so fun!” (Close up picture of her in a house)
“Killer Work-Out!” (Close up picture of her in a house)
“I love this dress!” (Close up picture of her in a house)

She is perfect to follow if you love loathing what is wrong in this world. And no, outside of talking to her family on twitter, she is very unresponsive to fans unless they post a picture of … her. Whore, cunt, slut, bitch, etc, etc, etc …

8. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a marketing genius. He is pimping out his SMODcasts, television show (Comic Book Men), book, movies, … whatever …

But when he plugs something, he will then turn around and respond, joke and talk with fans for HOURS about it. He gets his promotions out there while still retaining that “I’m just a normal dude” persona. He says “cum” a lot, too. Always a plus.

9. Diora Baird

Baird doesn’t really respond much, but she posts a lot of videos in real time from her cell phone to Twitter. They are generally personal and fun, wether she’s pissed off in traffic, walking her dog in the hills, or just recently … singing karaoke at a dive bar with a friend. She lets you in on her everyday life .. and though hot … she has a very boring life! It’s awesome.

10. Alec Baldwin

I’m not sure what Baldwin does besides tweet? Kidding, but he’s always on that thing. He plugs his shit a lot (ummmm) but he also is very communicative with his fans. I was actually quite surprised.

You get a lot of political stances (like Cusack) but you also get a lot of what makes him so funny on SNL. He’s just a laid back fuckin’ dude.

That’s the list. If you do start up or want to follow a few people on Twitter that ARE comedians who are actually kinda funny, find the following:

Nick Swardson
Rob Delaney
Jenny Johnson
Jenny Mollen-Biggs
Steve Martin

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