SNL Is In A Whole Lot Of Trouble

It has been reported that this will be the last season for cast members Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis.

Right now Bill Hader is crying in a corner somewhere. Hader’s contract is up after next season, and I’m sure he’ll split, too.

Here is my analysis on if it’s a good move or bad move for each soon to be defect.

Jason Sudeikis

Bad move. He is the Phil Hartman of this cast. He gets supporting roles in movies, but he isn’t someone who can carry or star in a film. After a couple years there is a good possibility of his career fizzling out.

Kristen Wiig

ONLY MOVE. As funny as Wiig is, her characters are becoming redundant on the show. She is too good of a comedian to not ditch that shit and get into movies, full-time.

Andy Samberg

Terrible move. Samberg only has one movie that he has starred in, Hot Rod, that has any sort of cult status. Sure, he has supporting roles in other movies .. but he has recently kissed death on the mouth by co-starring with Adam Sandler in another movie where Sandler runs around talking like he still thinks he’s funny in 1995. The Digital Shorts and quick punch humor is what he’s good at, and he’s leaving that behind.

All in all, still a horrible day for SNL fans and the show itself.

Looks like another one of those “couple year” droughts are coming up.

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