Amanda Bynes Is In The Slammer

Nick’ kids star, Amanda Bynes, pulled a Lindsay Lohan, last night.

Even better, after she got all washed up on the juice, she sideswiped a cop car as she was trolling to her next destination.

This isn’t Bynes’ first run-in with the law, if you remember awhile back … she was ticketed for being a terrible human being and talking on her cell phone while driving.

The funny thing, is unlike most other high profile actors and actresses, that bitch is still in jail.

Most get sent to the slammer for 6 minutes then get released. Granted, she has to sober up, but her arrest was at 3am.

She’s obviously still locked up because she is a super terrible shitty actress.

And I mean that. She sucks really bad.

I hope she gets a free sandwich.

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