The Raging Cyclist

If you value your bicycle helmet more than human life, you are probably a total fuck. Granted, I’d probably want to have lunch with you just to hear the shit that would spew out of your mouth, but I’m positive I’d hate you by meals end.

Chris Bucchere was cycling like a mad man through the streets of San Francisco when he struck a 71 year old pedestrian, resulting in their death.

He then logged onto a cycling website and wrote a eulogy for his … helmet.

Here’s the article:

“A San Francisco cyclist who struck a 71-year-old pedestrian — who later died from his injuries — may have typed himself into even more trouble. Chris Bucchere allegedly wrote a same-day post on the Mission Cycling AM Riders forum in which he admitted to “[plowing] through the crowded crosswalk.” Then, in a move that seems both brainless and heartless, Bucchere dedicated the post to his helmet. “She died in heroic fashion today,” he wrote. “May she die knowing that because she committed the ultimate sacrifice, her rider can live on.” Eyewitnesses have said Bucchere was riding recklessly, while members of Mission Cycling say he’s not a member. “We don’t tolerate unsafe riding,” club founder Kevin LaKritz said.”

That must have been one spectacular cyclist helmet.

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