Ted Official Red Band Movie Trailer

I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I don’t think Seth MacFarlane is funny. I don’t even know if I spelled his name right and I don’t give a fuck to check. That’s how unfunny I think he is.

Family Guy? Nope.
American Dad? Nope.
Anything he’s ever done? Nope.

BUT it looks like he’s finally done something I can get behind.

I recently watched the red band trailer for his new movie “Ted”, and it looks fucking hilarious.

It has 3 major elements working for it.

1. Anytime you take something that is beloved, like a teddy bear, and bring it to life in a foul mouthed, perverted, disorderly way … it’s funny.

2. Mark Wahlberg sucks. He’s a fucking terrible actor. Even Mark Wahlberg knows that. One area he excels, though, is playing the aloof, retarded, clueless, below average man. This is his role in this movie, so I have no doubt he’ll be good.

3. Mila Kunis. Enough said.

Here is the NSFW red band trailer for “Ted”. Enjoy.

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