Dick Clark Died Again, Guys

Before I start, doesn’t his chin look like a shiny hairless ballsack in that picture?

Okay, so first of all, rest in peace .. Mr. Clark.

That being said, there are all kinds of things that have been said about this on Twitter and I will share a few with you. These are variations because there are one million people telling the same jokes 100 different ways.

Here are some ideas, issues, and memorandums:

1. Dick Clark’s casket should be slowly lowered from a flag pole into his grave .. as mourners countdown from 60.

2. Awesome. This means 50 years of Ryan Seacrest.

3. Without Clark, how are we suppose to get to the new year? Damn you Mayans!!

4. Dick’s dick will finally be what it hasn’t been in years. Stiff!

In all serious, he was a pioneer, and he will be missed. He lived a long, eventful life .. and all condolences to his loved ones.

RIP Dick Clark

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