Top 10 Weekend Box Office April 13-15

1. The Hunger Games – $21 million

Four weeks in a row at number one, so I’ll have to explain to you again, what the movie is about. So here it goes …

Look how Goddamn big Lenny Kravitz’ fucking head is!?!

2. The Three Stooges – $17 million

I can’t believe the powerhouse that is The Three Stooges couldn’t knock off The Hunger Games.

Maybe it’s because it sucks. Hard.

I haven’t seen it, because I don’t like watching super shitty things. This will be out of the top 10 within 3 weeks.

3. Cabin In The Woods – $14.7 million

Compared to the marketing and hype surrounding this horror film, I would say it flopped. If the fucking Three Stooges can take you out .. you suck. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this film, most bad. I’ll probably rent it and pretend to watch it while I’m getting a hand job some night.

4. Titanic 3D – $11.9 million

5. American Reunion – $10.4 million

6. Wrath Of The Titans – $6.9 million

7. Mirror, Mirror – $6.8 million

8. 21 Jump Street – $6.5 million

9. Lockout – $6.2 million

What the fuck is Lockout? The end.

10. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – $3 million

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