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Hero Unchained

The type of person I aspire to be is one that always helps and inspires others. We go through things in life not to withdraw and hide, but to grow, learn, develop and share our experiences.

None of us ever think our parents won’t be there. We are raised to look at our parent as superheroes. Superheroes never die. Nothing prepares a person to ever lose their super hero.

I was a very tender 21 years old when my Daddy passed. It took almost 10 years for my head to stop playing cruel jokes. “I have to call my Dad”, ” or, “Just stop at Dad’s house, he has a flashlight,” .. silly things, but painful.

He wasn’t there for my wedding or the birth of my children. I’ve missed him every day and wish I could talk to him one last time. The things that get me through the hard times are memories of how he was … gentle, generous, forgiving. He taught me how to tear down and rebuild an engine and to never give up on anything. I miss him everyday, but as I sit here writing this…

I realize why my mother and I never got along. I am my Father. She hated him. But, stayed married 32 years and never remarried after his death.

I don’t want to be my mother. May she rest in peace.

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