Guest Blogger (Panda: Altered States and Adult Themes)

Altered States and Adult Themes

They sat on a secondhand futon. Staring at one another. The room was a mix of smoke and early summer sun. She was nervous. He was sure. And, together, they were bent towards a common goal.

She took a breath, trying not to cough, and failing miserably, “I’m no good at this.”

He laughed, smiled sideways, said he could teach her.

“Hold it here,” he took her hand, guiding it. “I’ll light it.”

She lowered her head, her mouth covering the chamber, and inhaled.

“Good, good,” he coached from a few inches away. “Now breathe in. Hold it. Keep holding it.”

After what seemed like an eternity she exhaled, tasting a crisp, new moment. She looked at him, the smoke stinging her eyes, and smiled. “I feel it.”

“There’s nothing like the first time,” he chuckled, closing the distance between them.

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