Midgetspar: Your Mom Thought It Was Funny

Your Mom Thought It Was Funny

The average person won’t tell you when they think something you said was funny. They will smile, laugh, share your jokes with friends, and anticipate more.

They will use your words in situations and pass them off as their own if it goes over. If not, they jump all over, “I read that online”.

Occasionally you will get the ones who make your day. The ones who let you know what you said, your thought, gave them a minute of laughter.

Bless those people’s hearts. Their pretty anal-tastic hearts.

This is an ode to those who never speak up until you’ve said something they don’t agree with.

The ones who will laugh in the distance and never make themselves known until that ONE joke spills from your mind and makes it’s way to the internet.

Religion, politics, sex, drugs … it’s all funny until you strike a chord.

Then …

… they turn into self-richeous, annoying, crusading, pieces of dog shit.

Cry babies. Pussies. Whiners. Complainers.

Do everyone a favor, my holier-than-thou-art friend, if you can’t vocalize the good .. shut the fuck up with what you find offensive.

Nobody likes you.

Your life sucks.

You have no happiness.

Leave the people who try to make others laugh, be ..

… and go cheat on your spouse again, you judgmental fuck.

Hey, look … it’s Steve Guttenberg.

Futuristic Jews Unite

The End

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2 Responses to Midgetspar: Your Mom Thought It Was Funny

  1. Torriable says:

    Anal-tastic – I laughed so hard I almost spit out my coffee!
    If we could pick out which “Brain” we wanted – I would choose your “Model” Corey.   

  2. The_Sculptress says:

    Corey, you are the most creativity insane person that I know…it’s completely amazing. You are beyond brilliant. I may or may not have peed a bit when I read this. Thank you for yet another laugh. Goddamn, just thank you. Oh, and, YOU ARE FUNNY! 🙂

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