Dark Messiah: Christian Logic

You can’t make this stuff up. Unless you’re super religious. In which case, just about everything you believe in is made up. So there’s that.

In any case, someone on my Facebook posted this picture:

This should be called “Lack of Logic”

That’s about the dumbest fuckin thing I’ve ever seen. And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit across the Internet. Now I’m not one to use “lol” because frankly, I think it looks tacky. But I don’t get angry or judgmental at people who do use it. That’s their choice, who am I to make it for them? So, why in the name of all things science do people have to believe anything their Christian brethren post on Facebook? I guess we’ll never know…

Christianity: God is good, but Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokemon, unicorns, and acronyms are all works of the devil.

Seems legit.

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