Killer Mermaid is fucking KILLER.

I watch A LOT of shitty movies … and I enjoy pretty much all of them. Every so often you come across a hidden gem. KILLER MERMAID IS ONE OF THOSE GEMS.

I saw the title and the cover art and was super happy in an instant. Like … boner happy. The first 30 minutes gave me exactly what I was expecting … perhaps the worst movie I will have seen all month.

There is this God-awful dance party scene, the acting is terrible, and I was in heaven. Then it did something so few terribly awful films do.

It flipped a switch and became a real movie.

I can’t comprehend how the beginning could be so awful then the last hour be so gripping, fun, and surprisingly well acted. I almost think they did this on purpose. Like, “Haha, fuckers, fooled you!” … but they did.

I refuse to give spoilers (on this post, anyway, sometimes I’m drunk and don’t give a fuck what I ruin) but this is a must see. I’m really not even sure if it’s good or not, but I know where it starts and where it ends are polar opposite.

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on it, or stream it on Netflix. Just make yourself get past the first third of terribleness and enjoy.

Here’s the trailer, bitch fucks, and it’s alternative title is “NYMPH” … so don’t shit your pants from utter confusion.

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