Censorship On The Rise

After going on an “I’m Sorry” tour for making fun of gay people at his last comedy show, Tracy Morgan once again took the stage.

Homeboy is in trouble again.

Now he’s in hot water for making fun of retarded people.

Tracy Morgan is a comedian. There are dozens upon dozens of famous comedians that make fun of gays, retards, disease, race and disorders.

Humor is not always hate, and even if it is .. how you perceive it doesn’t mean that’s how it was intended. If you don’t like what Morgan has to stay, you are not his target audience. DONT GO. If you are easily offended, DONT GO. If you are a gigantic pussy, DONT GO.

I love everything and everybody, but I sure as fuck love to make fun of everything and everybody. Do I mean all of it? No. Some of it? Yes.

Tracy Morgan isn’t a villain. He is a comedian. He makes jokes. You don’t have to like it .. but some people do.

Leave this poor bitch alone, and let him make the people who enjoy his HUMOR … laugh.

He owes no apology, to anyone.

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