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In A Perfect World

If this scenario actually existed, I would probably toss 50 children a day … Because children are disrespectful, back talking, rude, obnoxious, spoiled little assholes. 🙂

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No Hard Feelings

Some dipshit in Hawaii just survived a shark attack. He was surfing or something and a 10 footer bit him in the leg. He punched the shark in the snout, twice, because he’s MaGuyver and shit. The best part about … Continue reading

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Dear Hollywood, Make This Movie Happen

Off the coasts of Cuba, trouble is lurking for a family of 5 trying to raft their way to American sands. All is not fine. Hunger lingers, the sun is sweltering, and the waves crash down .. exhausting all trying … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

Moviefone.com just posted a blog. In this blog they argue that “Toto” from “The Wizard of Oz” should have won an Oscar for best actor. Yeah. The fucking dog. They also said that along with “Toto”, the talking pig from … Continue reading

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Corey Haim, Still Dead, Better News

Contrary to popular belief, he did not have ‘Heart Failure’. He sadly passed at the hands of a “Great White Swayze”. Best.Way.Ever. ::High-Five:: to the Not-So Lost Boy.

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